December 01, 2002

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Best Central Asian Blog

These are the results:

Total votes: 542

1. The Argus - 233 votes
2. Sgt. Hook - 118 votes
3. Ryan Giordano - 102 votes

Other finalist:

Cresat Sententia - Amanda in Kazakhstan


posted by Simon on 12.01.02 at 02:17 PM in the Asia Blog Awards 2004 category.


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I nominate:


posted by: Rezwan on 12.05.04 at 06:00 PM [permalink]

well, that goes without saying...the argus has my nomination as well...

posted by: jodi on 12.05.04 at 06:37 PM [permalink]

Yes, Argus has mine as well

posted by: YBII on 12.06.04 at 04:03 AM [permalink]

Also "SiberianLight", as I can't see "Russian Blogs", I guess it might go under this catagory.

posted by: YBII on 12.06.04 at 04:05 AM [permalink]

Well, here's a few I'd recommend:
Sgt. Hook (though he's home now)


Ryan Giordano in Kazakhstan

And, if I could nominate a category of a blog, it would be Amanda in Kazakhstan at Crescat Sententia.

posted by: Nathan on 12.06.04 at 06:18 AM [permalink]

The Argus by a mile.

posted by: Tim Newman on 12.07.04 at 07:14 AM [permalink] suckazzz!!!

posted by: tok on 12.09.04 at 04:42 PM [permalink]

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