December 01, 2002

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Best Foreign (non-Asian) Blog

These are the results:

Total votes: 1118

1. Peking Duck - 287 votes
2. Friskodude - 247 votes
3. Beautiful Attrocities - 202 votes

Other finalists:

Jalan Jalan
Kurdo's World
Hunjangui Karuchim


posted by Simon on 12.01.02 at 02:13 PM in the Asia Blog Awards 2004 category.


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The happiest day of my entire life.
Excerpt: Well, not really, but it's nice to win -- even if these popularity contests are rather meaningless. Thanks for the votes....
Weblog: The Peking Duck
Tracked: January 9, 2005 05:08 AM


I nominate Hunjangui karuchim ( for best foreign blog

posted by: Infidel on 12.02.04 at 06:21 AM [permalink]

Can I nominate 2:
1. Darpism
2. Ausculture

posted by: Spirit Fingers on 12.02.04 at 11:12 AM [permalink]

I think Iraqi is Asian but anyways Kurdo's World is my nomination.

posted by: Tom on 12.03.04 at 10:28 AM [permalink]

Would like to nominate aneki (

posted by: La Idler on 12.03.04 at 11:05 AM [permalink]

I vote for Jalan-Jalan at

posted by: Honeytar on 12.07.04 at 01:46 PM [permalink]

I nominate Beautiful Atrocities at

posted by: Mr Sparkle on 12.09.04 at 09:34 PM [permalink]

I vote Harry Hutton because his is a blog from everywhere, it seems.
Chase me ladies, I'm in the cavalry

posted by: Kat on 12.10.04 at 03:50 AM [permalink]

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