December 01, 2002

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Best Mainland China Blog

There are the results:

Total votes: 1479

1. Dan Washburn's Shanghai Diaries - 279 votes
2. Supernaut - 228 votes
3. Metanoiac - 180 votes

Other finalists:

Shenzhen People
Angry Chinese Blogger
Premium Blend
Yellow Frog
Fabian's Hammer


Sinosplice has a full list of China and China-related blogs.

posted by Simon on 12.01.02 at 01:54 PM in the Asia Blog Awards 2004 category.


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of glowsticks and dice

posted by: Joe on 12.01.04 at 11:19 PM [permalink]

I nominate Dan Washburn's Shanghai Diaries ( for best China blog.

posted by: Infidel on 12.02.04 at 06:34 AM [permalink]


Thanks for nominating ...of glowsticks & dice. I used to run that whilst I was in China, but it's happening over at now. Technically, I can't be nominated in this category because I'm not living in China anymore.

I do still visit and write about it, though, so I wouldn't object to being nominated.

I guess I'll nominate danwei (, myself.

posted by: Q on 12.02.04 at 06:54 AM [permalink]

I nominate Fabian's Hammer

posted by: Adam Crouch on 12.02.04 at 10:30 AM [permalink]

wanbro is funny, and i like what he's he gets my nomination.. if they haven't locked him up yet...

posted by: aaron on 12.02.04 at 10:48 AM [permalink]

I nominate Yellowfrog. It's brilliant, funny and extremely refreshing to read something different about China.

posted by: Marianne on 12.03.04 at 09:50 AM [permalink]

I nominate Premium Blend (

posted by: Timor on 12.04.04 at 03:03 AM [permalink]

I second Wanbro's nomination. Very readable blog. Great perspective.

posted by: Horatio on 12.04.04 at 02:36 PM [permalink]

Well, I came to nominate Wanbro ...... but maybe one more mention wont harm

posted by: Mia on 12.04.04 at 05:29 PM [permalink]

wanbro is OK. he provides a hilarious perpective of china life :0)

posted by: Sandra G on 12.05.04 at 12:25 AM [permalink]

I nominate me, especially since I started doing a comedy section.

posted by: ACB on 12.05.04 at 03:41 PM [permalink]

I nominate myself also, maybe I will get some more hits.

posted by: Matt Waters on 12.06.04 at 04:50 PM [permalink]

I nominate Dan Wahburn's Shanghai Diaries

If you had a category for travel blog I would nominate it for "The Trip" part of the blog which just concluded. Dan is an gifted writer and I felt as if I was traveling along with him.

posted by: Luo Dawei on 12.07.04 at 02:59 AM [permalink]

I nominate Metanoiac.

posted by: Mike on 12.07.04 at 04:24 PM [permalink]

For Mainland China:



posted by: Mike C. on 12.09.04 at 11:03 PM [permalink]

oh what the hey, i nominate me too.

supernaut ... i whore for art

posted by: frances on 12.10.04 at 02:34 PM [permalink]

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