November 18, 2004

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OJ Simpson and all that

Back in June Richard noted the 10th anniversary of the murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. That post has assumed a life of its own, with some of the key players (such as Bill Wasz) constantly contributing to the comments stream and with plenty of information flowing, albeit with various agendas to push. Joe Bosco, who has in a previous life covered the case closely, has additional contributions to make (plus check his site for further OJ info).

It is incredible how sometimes the internet and blogs bring people with information together.

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Thank you for your article. I do have a lot to say about what happened. For ten years I couldn't speak, now I can.
Bill Wasz

posted by: bill wasz on 11.21.04 at 09:04 AM [permalink]

My name is Mario G. Nitrini 111.

I was also involved in the OJ Simpson case. Anyone who reads this comment and wants to ask me questions, I believe it better you read The Peking Duck on OJ SIMPSON, Bill WASZ's website, Joe Bosco's The LongBow Papers, and Iago in Brentwood at Smartfellows Press and read several of my Posts and that way you will get a better handle on who I am.

Be LEGALLY FORWARNED, I, Mario G. Nitrini 111, am the Most Hated and Legally FEARED man in the OJ SIMPSON cases and Saga, which goes into other cases and other situations.

If I can answwer your questions I will, but some questions you ask me I might not be able to answer due to I have to LEGALLY put people on the witness stand or Legally put them in a Legal COURT Siuation.

I, Mario G. Nitrini 111, tell it like it is and Bill Wasz will answer your questions because he holds nothing back and TELLS IT LIKE IT IS.

Thank You,

Mario G. Nitrini 111

posted by: mario nitrini on 11.23.04 at 01:13 PM [permalink]

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