November 18, 2004

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Asia by Blog

Asia by Blog is a twice weekly feature, posted on Monday and Thursday, providing links to Asian blogs and their views on the news in this fascinating region. Previous editions can be found here.

This edition contains Chinese corporate lawyers, the death of Chinese humour, Colin Powell's thoughts on China and Condi Rice's on North Korea, China's water woes, Taiwan's history changes, the factors hampering the development of China's cyberspace, a new member of the axis of evil, Martha in Vietnam plus plenty more...

Hong Kong, China and Taiwan

Korea and Japan

SE and Other Asia


posted by Simon on 11.18.04 at 05:22 PM in the Asia by blog category.


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What's your take on the Kinder Gentler Kim Jong-Il? Think something happened to him? It's not only the pictures but the whole 16 lies thing. Curiouser and curiouser.

posted by: Kin on 11.19.04 at 05:02 AM [permalink]

I think it's becaues he's so ronery....

posted by: Rusty on 11.19.04 at 07:06 AM [permalink]

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