November 10, 2004

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The Kissel murder

Just over a year ago Robert Kissel was murdered and his wife, Nancy, was arrested for the crime. It briefly hit the headlines in Hong Kong and then rapidly fell from view. Phil has been following the case, reporting on Nancy's first court appearance (after a delay), another brief appearance, the delay in the trial date, a summary of HK's legal system, and he noted the hunt for information on the case via Google and other means due to the general media silence on the matter.

The lack of media coverage of this case has been staggering. Like it or not, a murder of an expat, allegedly by his wife, shuold be big news. But this story seems to have been deliberately buried by the English press (read the SCMP) despite keen interest from many of its readers. Instead of filling its pages with puff pieces they should actually try reporting stories their readers want to see.

There is still very little information on the trial. If the SCMP won't do it the job, I will. Any information about the case will be gratefully received.

Update: When you have Xinhua reporting how Tung Che-hwa has sung the praises of your newspaper, you know its turned from a journal of record and investigation to a Government mouthpiece.

I've established a category of the Kissel case with all the relevant posts on the topic.

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I have been trying to find out what is going on for months. Best I can tell she is in hospital and no firm trial date for the CFI has been set.

posted by: Phil on 11.10.04 at 10:27 AM [permalink]

Oh - I think the reason the SCMP is not covering the story is obvious - certain advertisers would rather they did not.

posted by: Phil on 11.10.04 at 10:28 AM [permalink]

News? In the SCMP? Why in the world would you look for news in the SCMP?

posted by: Conrad on 11.10.04 at 08:49 PM [permalink]

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