October 21, 2004

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Good deeds

Way back in February my brother Paul guest-blogged here for a couple of weeks. One of his posts was If I was a rich man...., where he recounted the good fortune he had in "winning" millions in the Spanish lottery...despite not even buying a ticket to enter.

Then yesterday Romana posted this comment:

My father received one today, October 20, 2004. Thanks God, he does not speek English, he would have sent all his bank account information to that "Spanish company".I told him it's a fraud but he wouldn't listen, until we found this page.Thank you for putting this on the Internet!
Thanks to the power of Google and blogs, a man's life savings have been kept out the clutches of those diabolical scammers. Paul's tempted to ask for a reward: perhaps a real ticket in the Spanish lottery? And people say blogs have no power.

Simon World: defeating scammers since 2003.

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i'm sorry but there is a bit of evolutionary darwinism going on here....

you know how lions target the weak, the crippled, the old and/or the frail as easy targets, and so keep raising the genetic bar of the herd by removing the duds, well this is the same.

anyone who is so stupid as to believe that they have won a foreigh lottery they have entered, and to be informed of the winning in an email from someone they've never heard of, deserves to lose everything!

it's natures way of ensuring that stupid people sink to the bottom

posted by: giles on 10.21.04 at 12:10 PM [permalink]

yes, but what do you do with them when they reach the bottom?

posted by: cf on 10.21.04 at 12:17 PM [permalink]

they work at olivers super sandwiches in citigroup plaza, where it takes 3 people to take your order, 2 to make the sandwich, and 4 to work out how much you owe!

posted by: giles on 10.21.04 at 12:24 PM [permalink]

cf - now you know how they really reclaim land from the harbor here in HK.

posted by: kennycan on 10.21.04 at 04:01 PM [permalink]

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