October 21, 2004

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The pride of the French Air Force

France, as part of its China charm offensive, have sent some of their air force to Hong Kong. They put on a display yesterday of their very best, the pride of one of the world's best air forces. Unfortunately the gyroscope wasn't working properly*...


* Yes it's a cheap shot at the French; no it's not justified. Sue me. The French have replaced the Irish as European laughing stock. Deal with it. Oh, and some of my best friends are French.

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Actually, it's the Hong Kong countryside that is upside down.

posted by: Chas on 10.21.04 at 01:46 PM [permalink]

Yup... Everything this side of the equator is upside down, back to front and generally backwards- I mean having Christmas in the middle of winter, for crying out loud! Puts a bit of a damper on the barbeque, and it's kinda hard to go surfing when the ocean's frozen. For once the French have got it right and he's flying right-side-up by the true (Southern Hemisphere) standard.

posted by: chriswaugh_bj on 10.21.04 at 07:16 PM [permalink]

Just hope they let us use more of their freedom vaccine!

posted by: thomas on 10.22.04 at 08:26 AM [permalink]

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