October 07, 2004

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Hong Kong, China and Taiwan

  • Property is all the rage in Hong Kong again. ESWN explains why those in 40 square foot units are living in relative luxury. I looked at the growing demand but lack of supply of bigger units in HK and why property in HK is forming a new bubble.

  • Follow Dan Washburn's journey through China. Great site and great writing.

  • For once, everyone stayed home in HK on a Saturday night.

  • There's an interesting set of connections between a WaPo story on Chinese land seizures, the arrest of NYT researcher Zhao Yan and outspoken Fuzhou city party boss Huang Jingao.

  • There's a worse scourge than gambling hitting the youth of Hong Kong.

  • Adam's found an effective way to get around China's Great Firewall.

  • America is send a naval battle group to patrol the Sea of Japan - close to both Taiwan and North Korea.

  • Phil has a comprehensive list of feedback and thoughts on Living in China and where it can go. Go and leave your comments too.

  • Even in this holiday week there's no getting away from China's traffic jams.
  • Korea and Japan

  • Marmot comprehensively covers reports that China would send up to 400,000 troops to support North Korea in a war, including the US plan that called for almost 700,000 American troops within 90 days in the event of a conflict. America has agreed to delay its troop withdrawal by 3 years, to give Seoul more time to prepare. Perhaps because the latest reports are that Seoul would fall to North Korea within 15 days without US troops. Ironically at the same time there is a report on a secret South Korean plan for dealing with the collapse of North Korea, including accommodating 200,000 defectors.

  • Also, find out what really pisses Marmot off and his follow-up as well: ...while it might give one a warm, fuzzy feeling to see Old Glory being waived around at a mass demonstration (beats the hell out of seeing it burnt), a look at the figures and groups involved might make one think twice about whether seeing the symbols of the U.S. invoked at an occasion like Monday‚Äôs is such a great thing.

  • Tokyo's Governor is a colourful character, with statements like If Japanese hadn't fought the white people, we would still be slaves of the white people. It would be colonization. We changed that. Read Jodi's take.

  • North Korea has found employment for 500 of its pimply teenagers. They've even discovered a new twist on the "open source" idea.

  • The Infidel is back, with his wife (via Budaechigae).

  • More on why North Korea's rulers have popular support of North Koreans, although perhaps it is because the populace don't know much about the wider world.

  • Andy has more on why the 6 party talks with North Korea are the only game in town.

  • GI Korea has a detailed look at prostitution and human trafficking in Korea.

  • Don't eat cheap sushi (via Joi Ito).
  • SE and Other Asia

  • In Malaysia the fallout from the Jeff Ooi incident continues. His blog has come under investigation for a comment by "Anwar", who has now apologised. It is now getting more attention, including at Slashdot and Reporters sans Frontieres. All the fuss seems to have done is boosted Jeff's traffic.

  • The case of abused maid Nirmala Bonat continues, but meet the real person behind the headlines.

  • Piracy in the Straits of Malacca is getting worse.

  • Will the Khmer Rogue finally be brought to trial?

  • The latest Subcontinent Survey is up at Winds of Change (by Nitin and Robi).

  • Hamas killed a Thai in Gaza, so far without condemnation by the Thai Government.

  • Macam-Macam has a no-holds-barred look at the land of his birth: Brunei.

  • Indonesia officially got a new President and a sore loser.
  • Miscellany

  • Turning the tables on Engrish comes Hanzi Smatter, a site dedicated to the misuse of Chinese characters (via John). Funny stuff in whatever language.

  • Japanese men are taking things sitting down.

  • What are you doing in there?

  • A museum to take JC to.

  • Rent-a-relation in Korea.
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