September 23, 2004

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Mickey meet Mao

If you can't beat 'em, make 'em join. The Disney company, always first with innovative marketing techniques, has found a way to develop its brand in China: use the Communist Youth League.:

"In one session, we teach them to draw Mickey Mouse -- they're all amazed by that," said Irene Chan, vice president for public affairs at Hong Kong Disneyland...China limits the number of overseas films that can be shown and restricts foreign TV programming, which means most mainland consumers do not have deep awareness of Disney stories.
Another domino falls before the might of the Mouse. It won't be long before a million phones ring with "Its a small world" around China.

In times past it would have seemed perverse for two such different organisations to be working together for commercial gain. Today it's par for the course.

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Disney is a walled fantasy kingdom that shuts out the real world and exists apart from the normal rules of civilisation, it also has the ability to re write history to suit its own needs and to brainwash millions of people into believe its version of world events.

And so is China.

posted by: ACB on 09.25.04 at 11:12 AM [permalink]

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