September 23, 2004

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Hong Kong, Taiwan and China

  • With the peaceful rise of Hu Jintao, Richard has a good look on what it all means, although CDN contends Hu has sold his soul. At the same time some things haven't changed (the article in question can be found via here). Adam also notes the frustrating lack of coverage for such an important event.

  • Urban health is getting worse in China, for the obvious reason: living in Chinese cities with the worst air pollution does more damage to an average Chinese person's lungs than smoking two packs of cigarettes a day No wonder so many Chinese smoke.

  • Hong Kong is safe from fake Belgians.

  • Is Google helping China censor the Net? Extensive discussion here (both links via Richard) and Adam's thoughts here. Of course we looked at this a while back and Tom explains why it is a fallacy.

  • A final look back at the HK Legco elections and results. And Tom says newcomer Albert Cheng takes a stick to the HK Democratic Party.

  • The clock is ticking, but will Beijing be ready for the Super Troopers?

  • Chris rubbishes some rubbish about rubbish.

  • Sometimes one person can really make a difference.

  • Speed bumps are born in Beijing (via TPD).

  • China is running out of water to support its economic growth.

  • China's currency peg saves the US economy. And China has overtaken the US as the main FDI destination.

  • China to join the G7?

  • The march of evil Western imperialist capitalist hamburger-pushers continues in China, although China's fighting back against the Americans.

  • Hong Kongers are overworked and underpaid, waiting until the boss goes, not enough holidays, bad health and all want to quit. The world's most competitive economy ranks third of five Asian nations in corporate governance.

  • Taiwan's asking its citizens to cut back on milk tea to help pay for its weapons program.
  • Korea and Japan

  • Life is about to change for South Korea's sex workers but at least the US military are doing their bit. Meanwhile in Japan there are moves to outlaw sex for teenagers. Jodi looks at the issue and the state of sex education in Japan. Nichi Nichi also has more.

  • GI Korea explains why Japan has a much better image in the US compared to Korea. Tony explains Koreagate 2.0.

  • Yet another imperialist exploiting a poor country for oil, although do oil and nukes mix?

  • Only training or flexing muscles? Looking like the latter.

  • For a more thorough round-up of Korean news, check out Seeing Eye (via Budaechigae).

  • Getting ready for the desertion trial of the century.

  • Via Lost Nomad comes this look at problem of North Korean refugees.

  • Antti talks about social status and university admittance in Korea.

  • World famous Jeff marks 16 years in Korea with a stand-up mug and a great put-down.

  • At last, portable karaoke.
  • SE Asia

  • In the wash-up from SBY's Indonesian election win, Myrick sees a rapid disintegration in the opposition forces and the collapse of Golkar and Jakartass sees business as usual. As you'd expect the Swanker has more on the results and this: You can add the name Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to the pantheon of misfits, megalomaniacs and kleptocrats that have taken residence in Merdeka Palace as President of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.

  • Catallaxy on Malaysia and the modernisation of Islam (via Foreign Dispatches). Also Rezwan looks at Madrassa education in Bangladesh, asking if it is an anachronism or a victim of exploitation.

  • Mr Brown points to this post looking at Newspeak in Singapore.

  • Hicky's on fire. Firstly on Signapore's new media monopoly; next on the Straits Times and blogs; and best of all reprinting an open letter to Singapore's new PM.
  • Miscellany

  • Amongst others, both India and Japan are pushing for UN Security Council permanent membership. The Acorn has a look at the massive politics involved. Arthur Chrenkoff also has a detailed look, including an innovative solution. Niraj looks at Pakistan's efforts to block India.

  • Anyone want to study in university in Shanghai? Plus all the Britney you could ever want courtesy the anti-p0rn Chinese media.

  • Is outsourcing coming to an end or even reversing course?

  • Feng shui and terror haircuts.

  • Why is it that in Asia people can sleep anywhere?
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    Excerpt: Cross posted at Simon World. All the news that's fit to post... With the peaceful rise of Hu Jintao, Richard has a good look on what it all means, although CDN contends Hu has sold his soul. At the same time some things haven't changed (the article in...
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