September 20, 2004

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Paying the price

The HK Government is planning to introduce anti-racial discrimination laws. While exemptions exist for small business, none (as far as I understand it) exists for the Government itself. So I would assume there is a prima facie case for the domestic helpers of Hong Kong to launch a lawsuit against the HK Government for its disgusting helper tax, where the very lowest earning non-Hong Kongers have to pay a tax of HK$400 a month even though locals earning the same amount do not (the threshhold is HK$108,000 for locals; helpers minimum wage is HK$3,270/month).

Any lawyers care to correct me?

posted by Simon on 09.20.04 at 03:31 PM in the Hong Kong category.


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Isn't it a levy paid by the employer when the contract is signed and not an actual tax?

posted by: shaky on 09.20.04 at 04:35 PM [permalink]

True, but given the minimum wage was cut by the exact same amount with the clear implication that the wage cut was to compensate for the levy, it's a tax in everything but name.

posted by: Simon on 09.20.04 at 05:23 PM [permalink]

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