September 20, 2004

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Asia by Blog

A CBS/Rather free zone...

Hong Kong, Taiwan and China

  • Jiang Zemin has bowed to the inevitable. Now Hu Jiantao have no more excuses on delivering reform.

  • Five articles and seven poems equals 15 years.

  • ESWN says its no wonder most Chinese tourists avoid the USA.

  • War between Filipinas and Indonesians in Hong Kong.

  • A detailed look at the difference between the existing and proposed (but shelved) Article 23 laws in Hong Kong.

  • Have a look at Fons's project: Connecting China.

  • China's labour shortage is particularly acute with skilled workers.

  • A look at the influence on the internet in Hong Kong's politics.

  • China's Slashdot has been shut down.

  • Ellen laughs at China's hypocrisy over pirating.

  • More on the end of Spike, including an appropriate ode.

  • Women do their fair share of capitalism in China.

  • China's latest export will take your breath away.

  • Hong Kong: the world city that can't even recycle.

  • Beijing's good, bad and ugly. And getting around Beijing is about to get easier.

  • China's quietly taking advantage of America's distractions in the Middle East and asserting control in Central Asia.

  • Fast moving crime.
  • Korea and Japan

  • More interesting than who made a fuss over North Korea's mountain moving (or was it?) last week was who didn't.

  • One of the most common cross-Asian cultural traits is racism. Particularly in Japan, although an appeal has a chance.

  • Visit North Korea for the mushroom and blowfish and do a little business on the side.

  • FY looks at inter-racial marriage in Korea and "Korean-ness".

  • Catch up on the latest Sumo results.

  • RiK sings the Ricky Martin Blues.
  • SE Asia

  • Indonesia takes a backward step in imitating Singapore.

  • Get down and funky with Malaysia's PAS.

  • Via Mr Brown comes two views on Singapore's newest back-to-the-past monopoly, this time in the media.

  • Enjoy a look at the other side of piracy.

  • As some prepare to deal with the lack of choice, meet Indonesia's (likely) next President.

  • Andi meets Islam in Malaysia and enjoys the experience. And via Rezwan comes this detailed look at Islam and Democracy in Malaysia.

  • FriskoDude's SE Asia News roundup continues.
  • Miscellany

  • Africa is the next Asia.

  • Go have a look at what the rest of the blogging world is saying.

  • For the man with everything. Or perhaps this? Not to mention something for the kids.

  • Mooncake season approaches.

  • The excellent "Fashion Roadkill" series continues. I dare you not to laugh. And have a look at the original Mary-Kate and Ashley.

  • For all those suffering various internet blockages, here's a comprehensive guide for getting around it (via Hicky).
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    Love your blog! I'm an Asian in New York City and my website is mainly spoofs & parodies. It's cool to be able to click on (clink!) a site that gives a roundup of Asian news.

    posted by: Marvillou on 09.21.04 at 12:16 AM [permalink]

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