September 16, 2004

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New languages

They say Latin is a dying language. But it's time to look to the future. The good people at Deutsche-Welle, the German taxpayer funded news network, have established the 30th 31st (thanks Bre) language to its site: Klingon.

Some would argue Germans often seem like they're from another planet anyway. I wonder how you say "George W. Bush is a war-mongering Imperialist despot ruining the Earth" in Klingon? It must be in there somewhere.

(via MM)

posted by Simon on 09.16.04 at 03:40 PM in the


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erm Simon, klingon is the 31st language added. i blogged about it also :)

posted by: the letter b on 09.16.04 at 03:43 PM [permalink]

From an unreconstructed Trekkie, I say


I'd love to know: Is there an audio feed for this anywhere on the net?

posted by: Ellen Sander on 09.16.04 at 04:03 PM [permalink]

I think you can find it under the same translation of "Yeah, and?"

Klingons aren't well known for their politcal sensitivity.


posted by: John on 09.18.04 at 04:12 AM [permalink]

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