August 26, 2004

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Something looks a little different around here...

Thanks to Robyn from Sekimori. I hope you like the new design. It survived a hurricane in Florida, a new tooth, a new baby, a difficult to please client and numerous technical issues to complicated for me to explain because I don't understand them myself.

As always, feedback appreciated.

UPDATE: One of the improvements is you are now able to take this blog with you! For those with PDAs, try this handy link. It also appears at the bottom of the left sidebar.

posted by Simon on 08.26.04 at 12:10 PM in the Site Stuff category.


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Friday, August 27, 2004 Friday Morning
Excerpt: Ah friday. 7 days have passed. That's for sure. Anyway have you guys checked out Simon's new webdesign? Check it out if you haven't I was impressed.
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Tracked: August 27, 2004 10:35 PM

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Tracked: October 24, 2004 08:15 PM


Very impressive.

posted by: fumier on 08.26.04 at 12:46 PM [permalink]

looks expensive!

posted by: Matt on 08.26.04 at 12:56 PM [permalink]

Yeah, nice.

Maybe a bit thin?

posted by: shaky on 08.26.04 at 01:04 PM [permalink]

Good job.

posted by: Phil on 08.26.04 at 01:04 PM [permalink]

shaky, unfortunately for this particular design (which had to be fixed-width due to the column detail and header graphic) the center column had to be this thin - as two sidebars were requested - and otherwise those stuck at lower resolutions would be forced to deal with horizontal scroll. is actually has a thinner "main column" of text by 80 pixels, so it just depends on how you judge size. ;-)

posted by: robyn on 08.26.04 at 01:21 PM [permalink]

good value for money

posted by: da on 08.26.04 at 02:20 PM [permalink]


This is an awesome design...I love it! If I blogged a little bit more, I might have to spring for one, too! Nice!

posted by: ALEX on 08.26.04 at 04:25 PM [permalink]

just a silly thought... but shouldn't the banner reads "simon world, east meets south-easterner"?

posted by: cl on 08.26.04 at 05:06 PM [permalink]

Might see if I can do something about the width issue. It's funny because I've never had anyone complain about my width before...

posted by: Simon on 08.26.04 at 05:45 PM [permalink]


posted by: robyn on 08.26.04 at 06:00 PM [permalink]

I LOVE the new look! Fantastic!

But I agree with the above comments...any way of making the text section of the blog part wider? I think my eyes popped out.

But I LOVE it!

posted by: Helen on 08.26.04 at 06:20 PM [permalink]

Also think it's a bit narrow but love the picture and think it looks great. Nice job!

posted by: RP on 08.26.04 at 08:25 PM [permalink]


The new look rocks!

posted by: Paul on 08.26.04 at 08:34 PM [permalink]

Simon is being very trendy with the narrow posting area. It is the fashion this season for blogs! Buck up everyone,just like high heels may not be comforatable, but they look good!

posted by: Amy on 08.26.04 at 09:36 PM [permalink]

WHOA! Very freaking nice. New kid, new layout. Moving up these days.

posted by: pylorns on 08.26.04 at 10:03 PM [permalink]

Looks great. I love it!

posted by: Tiffani on 08.27.04 at 12:29 AM [permalink]

Sweet design!

Robyn's awesome - she did my site, and I still love the layout.

posted by: Tony on 08.27.04 at 04:19 AM [permalink]

Like the new look, a little more width would be better though!

posted by: Mia on 08.27.04 at 06:04 PM [permalink]


posted by: Jim on 08.27.04 at 11:59 PM [permalink]


It looks a little strange on a mac using safari and firefox. The post text is too wide.

Amazingly it looks OK in IE on a mac.

posted by: shaky on 08.29.04 at 01:31 PM [permalink]

shaky, the problem has been fixed now. It wasn't a coding/design problem, but rather a trackback ping gone wrong. Thanks for the heads-up though!

posted by: robyn on 08.30.04 at 12:51 PM [permalink]

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