August 26, 2004

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Time again to check out the best that Asian blogging has to offer...

Hong Kong, Taiwan and China

  • Hong Kong will get universal suffrage, says the CCP. It just has to pick the right candidates first. While on HK elections, ESWN follows the latest efforts by the Democratic Party to shoot itself in the foot. He also looks at the aftermath of the politician and the hooker and notes the irony that international pressure triumphed over the rule of law. Helpfully Hemlock has produced a leaflet for the hapless Democrats to use (see Wednesday, Aug 25th, or the pink thing in the middle).

  • Asia Media covers the trial of the 2 authors of a book on China's peasantry and the difficulties they face. Metanoiac has more on this.

  • Minerva says in Taiwan even the rain and voodoo are part of politics.

  • Adam on Chinese corruption, past and present. There was also an article in the SMH on power struggle at top of CCP.

  • Phil has already reviewed the HK Olympic homecoming. He also has the riots in Hong Kong, the city where beer beats dead Commies every time.

  • Tom Plate covers the thoughts of a retiring US naval commander on the Asia-Pacific region.

  • China may be dragged into the US Presidential campaign, this time in the murky area of donations. Conrad's also on the case. It seems the dirty tricks machine is working overtime at the moment.

  • China is currently celebrating Deng Xiapong's 100th anniversary of birth. Richard links to an IHT article questioning his legacy and Giles compares the efforts of Britain and China.

  • Fumier reports on the decline and fall of a once great HK institution.

  • China's economy is feeling the heat, literally. Also making a mistake at work can end up costing you more than you thought.

  • Supernaut has an article on the "truth" of the Cultural Revolution.

  • The home of the "laissez-faire" economy is becoming more monopolistic by the day, says Tom. He also covers HK's pathetic response to the challenge issued by Singapore's elder patriarch, Lee Kuan Yew. Perhaps because LKY is right. There's more on the whole thing at CSR Asia.

  • China's now bailing out the private sector as well as the public, says Fons. He also looks at China's massive unpaid wages bill.

  • In the irony department, even suicide isn't easy in China.

  • The Black China Hand says the Qing dynasty was actually China's best.

  • Shanghai is restoring its Jewish area.

  • Hitting Chinese polluters where it hurts the most.

  • ESWN has more great photos from all over China. Wayne has pictures from the typhoon that hit Taiwan.

  • You've seen the movie, now apply for one in China.

  • China leads the world, again, especially against those prudish Americans.
  • Korea and Japan

  • The Koguryo dispute between Korea and China appears to be over. Adam thinks this could be a significant breakthrough for China. Andrew, guest blogging at Asia Pages, has an interesting analysis of the situation.

  • John Kerry's got at least one foreign leader's support.

  • Joel isn't sure about kids. I'm not surprised.

  • Kimchee GI covers the effects of the US troop realignment on Korea and the contrasting views of Bush and Kerry on the matter. GI Korea explains the attitude of US troops actually in Korea (via FY).

  • I've tried to keep this an Olympics free zone. But Korea has got its collective knickers in a twist over the controversy on Korea's Gymnastic medals: start here and over at Cathrtidae too, then move along to here, the next instalment here, and if you're still with us finish off here. Marmot thinks the Korean was screwed by the bad judging. The Olympics and poor judging: who would have thought?

  • Jodi notes some very different interpretations between American and Korean papers of the same event.

  • Marmot has all things sex and p0rn in Korea covered, so to speak, including the battle royale of Japanese p0rn queens.
  • SE Asia

  • Myrick looks at the overturning of the convictions of the Bali bombers.

  • In Singapore the Government is in the business of creating love to help create people. At least they're talking about real people, rather than cyber-creations.

  • Singapore's new Emperor PM is slowly opening the door to political expression. Slowly. The new PM has also decided to plunge into the China/Taiwan dispute following his visit to Taiwan last month.

  • You've been in Singapore too long when you read lists saying "you know you've been in Singapore too long...". Unless of course you look at the Hong Kong one instead...

  • Conrad has the solution for what ails the Philippines. None of that pesky democracy nonsense either.

  • Slavery is making a comeback in Nepal.

  • If Singapore's ever invaded at least they know they've got the fastest draw in the East.
  • Miscellany

  • Being a Hong Konger means never having to be lonely again, especially in the city where nothing is real.

  • This is just wrong.

  • Wayne talks about another kind of inflation in Taiwan.

  • AIDS will cost Asia dearly in the years to come.

  • Apparently Ghengis Khan wasn't quite the barbarian you thought he was.

  • Jeremy says China's banks are categories for all ends of the market.

  • Lastly, this is just LOL funny.
  • Imitation and all that

  • I'm pleased to say Friskodude has spawned something of a similar idea to this series (for example here). It links to blogs and newspaper reports around the region. Check it out.

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