August 02, 2004

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Asia by Blog

Another edition of the highs of Asian blogging:

Hong Kong, Taiwan and China

  • Richard points to the first in a series by the New York Times on the huge gap between China's urban (relatively) rich and rural poor. Richard highlights one particularly unfortunate but not uncommon story.
  • ACB says China has celebrated the end of the US's Operation Summer Pulse 04 with a blast. They've also compiled a summary of China's assessments of various naval powers. Mad Minerva says the Chinese are taking all the fun out of the "guess the reaction" game.
  • ALN has a comprehensive summary of Chinese labour related news for July. Stephen also has a post by an Indonesian migrant worker in Hong Kong on what life is like for such people. And via ALN I came to Dan Washburn's Shanghai Diaries and this report on his trip to a village in Jiangxi. Well written and interesting stuff.
  • China's war on sex has gone too far, says Fons. He also points to Wang Jianshuo who says the war on these sites is causing collateral damage.
  • Chris has a thorough look at two books on Chinese history. I just finished the Cambridge Illustrated History of China myself and can recommend it as a good overview (albeit necessarily brief) of Chinese history and culture. It has a great selection of photographs but a word of warning: it weighs a tonne and is bulky making it very uncomfortable to read while in bed, as several bruises on my arms will attest.
  • Peking Dork says ESWN took too much at face value on a recent corruption case.

Korea and Japan

  • Conrad asks what has South Korea done to deserve such wrath from their cousins in the North? Especially when the North produces such useful products. FY has a more on the defectors and Asia Times covers the route defectors have to take. Jodi points out the difficulties facing the new arrivals in South Korea and the Marmot expands on the same topic.
  • Marmot says South Korea has returned serve in the latest round of cyber-tennis.

SE Asia

  • Conrad asks why foreigners would bother investing in Indonesia.
  • Marc takes the Philippine Government to task over its spin efforts on the testimony of a former hostage of Abu Sayyaf. Jodi says Arroyo has got to stop nannying her citizens and stop shooting themselves in the foot when it comes to Iraq.


  • Spirit Fingers has what every Hong Konger needs.
  • While everybody is going to see I, Robot, Tom says the future is already here.
  • Paul has HK's six (yes, only six) deadly sins. Guess which one is missing?
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Generally speaking, I find these round up's to be very useful and highly informative. Thanks for taking the trouble to do all this.

posted by: RP on 08.03.04 at 04:54 AM [permalink]

Quite a fine blog, with the only opening for complaint being that I miss reading you on weekends. You are habit forming, you see. So, this weekend...

posted by: Anne on 08.03.04 at 08:28 AM [permalink]

Thanks RP. Anne - even God got a day off, so you'll have to forgive me if family and the great outdoors take precedence over this site on the weekends.

Now if you're offering to guest blog over the weekends we might be able to come to some arrangement...

posted by: Simon on 08.03.04 at 10:09 AM [permalink]

Thanks for this Asia Blog roundup. It helps me catch up with news so that I can converse with friends more easily. Also, it brings me back there, when I'm thinking of HK, et al, like I was this past weekend.

posted by: michele on 08.03.04 at 01:12 PM [permalink]

Guest blog? I'd love to, I just can't get enough time to even write for myself on weekends!

posted by: RP on 08.04.04 at 12:32 AM [permalink]

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