August 02, 2004

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Former Hulk and good Aussie bloke Eric Banner is to become the next James Bond. Apparently the beefy beat off competition from the other main contenders Jude Law and Ewan McGregor to take over the role of the super-spy in the long-running series of films.

Kudos for picking an Aussie for this important role. Although I cannot help but feel they really missed picking the right man for the job...

Bond, Steve Bond.


He'd be perfect.

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Simon World: 007
Excerpt: With reference to yesterday's rumour, Simon has an even better suggestion: Simon World: 007. Whaddya reckon? Steve Bond vs Crocodile?
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The name is Bond. Poida Bond.

posted by: Spirit Fingers on 08.02.04 at 02:41 PM [permalink]

if my memory serves me correctly, Eric Bana isn't the first aussie playing Bond, is it?

posted by: la brean on 08.02.04 at 03:49 PM [permalink]

No, I thought there was one other Aussie who was in one movie. I even saw it, and I have to confess-I thought he was crap.

I was hoping Guy Pearce would get it. Now there's a hottie. Or that guy who played "Wolverine" in X-Men...mmm...big salty goodness....

posted by: Helen on 08.02.04 at 07:02 PM [permalink]

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