July 16, 2004

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A slightly early and truncated version but nevertheless linkage from what's in my link in-tray:


Michele has a separate site called Don't Pee in the Millenium Falcon with plenty of great parenting stories which are eventually destined for a book. Go read and enjoy. WARNING: NSFC*

Forget about underblogs. Go to nominate Overblogs: those blogs that get far more traffic than they deserve. Harvey has an interesting theory on it. For one I'd nominate Rachel Lucas, and I think Harv would agree.

Harvey also has a great post on ways to generate traffic to blogs, a frequent complaint from those quality bloggers that don't get the traffic they deserve.


In worthy cause of the week, Alex pointed me towards Books for Soldiers. You might be suffering compassion fatigue: these guys are facing a whoe different league of fatigue and problems. Please help spread the word.

The Sassy Lawyer talks about different types of Americans.

In the proof of the power of blogs department we have two entries: firstly Zonitics (and many others) effectively policed discrepancies made by Josh Marshall of TPM over differences in the Iraq/Niger uranium story. Secondly Chief Wiggles reported a problem with Operation Give, the call was heard (and by many others too) and a solution quickly reached. And people say blogs won't amount to much.


Pixy has a Headstart Philosophy Program that is well worth investing the time in. I now know my isms from ologies.

Look out for Paul "Fast Eddie" Felson.

Let's finish on a good note. Firstly via SR comes Rock, Paper, Saddam (NSFC*). And RNW has quotes from the greatest TV show ever made: The Simpsons.

* For the last time: Not Safe for Coffee

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It's not a complaint for this blogger anymore... [sheepish grin]

posted by: Nathan on 07.16.04 at 12:43 PM [permalink]

Thank God-you too are not a Rachel worshipper.

I think we should start a club-there's a club for some Frank business, anyway, why not a "what's the point of Rachel?" club?

posted by: Helen on 07.16.04 at 04:11 PM [permalink]

Helen - I suppose you could call it OverRacheled :-)

Although personally, I'd be hesitant to join the dog pile, simply because I don't know enough about the woman or her work to give fair criticism.

Meanwhile, Simon, I just wanted to say thanks for the link :-)

posted by: Harvey on 07.17.04 at 08:35 AM [permalink]

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