July 15, 2004

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Another edition of the various links in Asian blogging:

Hong Kong, Taiwan and China

Dan McCarthy posted an article on Living in China stating China would not attack Taiwan, ever. Joseph had an extensive (and to my mind accurate) response, including the telling aspect that it is the Chinese public that would demand the attack. Chris is on Joe's side on this one and adds some good points. Adam is on Dan's side, saying China would not attack. He also links to this Jamestown Foundation article on the matter which is well worth a read. However it now seems Joe and Adam are sliding into unnecessary sniping. I agree with Adam that airing our differences is a big part of what LiC and blogging is about. However more importantly I agree with Joe's idea that civilised debate, where people actually listen rather than talk past each other, is a rapidly disappearing aspect of modern politics. We're all the poorer for it. It's far better just to agree to disagree and move on. Anyway Wayne has an aspect of the Taiwan/China dispute that is already hurting.

Andres (welcome back) and ESWN have separate looks at the issue of censorship in China (this was originally covered in the previous Asia by Blog on the debate between Richard and Adam).

Wanbro has the skinny on skinny.

Richard has an article on "family values" preventing AIDS in China and another on how China's actions on AIDS are very different to their words.

Tom reports on Singapore's Deputy PM's visit to Taiwan and China's reaction. He also says Tung Che-hwa has admitted he is simply Beijing's messenger boy and that China has just insulted the people of Hong Kong in a massive way.

Single Planet has a picture of a jam session.

Peking Dork has found all the Chinese Classics online.

Finally ESWN has the second of a photo montage of China.


The Korean censorship of blogs is still going on. Kevin has more on it all here, here on getting media attention, here answering the 'this isn't censorship idea' and here on the disturbing idea that South Korea might ban online petitions. He also points to more interesting stuff here and here. Oranckay also points to Woojay, who wrote an article on this (unfortunately it's in Korean - translations welcomed). Jodi has a post that says this is following a long tradition. Marmot is trying to organise a face-to-face meeting with the Korean Government on the censorship issue.

Kimchee GI says the North Koreans are establishing a new website for the world to have fun with. Add it to your bookmarks now. While you're there, NKZone is also moving to get around the China and Korea blocks.

Marmot notes an amusing anecdote with a simple moral: grass is good for you.

Tony gives an appropriate fisking to an article on North Korea.

SE Asia

Clearly the Philippines hostage issue has been the big one this week. Michelle Malkin is extremely disappointed at her country's response, as is Marc. Marc also has more on the fallout and implications of the decision by the Philippines Government to give in to the terrorists. Ranting Profs thinks there may be more to the story. Stephen lines it up with Spain's earlier similar decision. Others with more include the Captain's Quaters, Belmont's Wretchard with Manila Folder, Michelle again, Philippine Commentary who has an interesting juxta-position here (although they should be careful what they get themselves into, according to ALN), TMV, Jay has a new flag and Conrad. The final word, however, goes to Giles. Lost in much of this was the strong public opinion pushing the Government. However sometimes Governments need to do unpopular things because they are right: in this case all the Philippine Government has done is opened itself up to more potential kidnappings to force more changes in its policy. That's the problem with appeasement: it just encourages more bad behaviour. On the other side of the debate is the Sassy Lawyer, who says many of the views are superficial and the withdrawal was the right thing to do.

Jodi notes the impending release of a Vietnamese cyber-dissident.


Joel points to a survey of Asian bloggers looking for respondents. They've got their own blog following their survey. Help them out and help spread the word.

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Fish swim, birds fly, Adam snipes and makes excuses for China. It's the way of the world.

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