July 12, 2004

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Before I begin today's edition a simple request: if you come across an entry (or you've got an entry on your blog) that you think should appear here, please send it to me. Also if you have any feedback on the current format or other likes and dislikes please let me know.

And now for the links of what's going on in Asia blogging:

Hong Kong, Taiwan and China

Tom at DTL follows up on allegations of push-polling in Hong Kong in the lead-up to September's LegCo elections.

ALN compares China's reported coal mine accidents with his running tally and finds some interesting results. Also, via Fons, Stephen reports on China's job losses in manufacturing. George W. Bush should be thankful he doesn't have problems like this! So much for the "China's stealing our jobs" line you hear in the USA.

ESWN shows Hong Kong's boys in blue are sharper than they appear.

Shanghai Eye says there is one kind of protest that's permissible in China.

Chris reports the HK Jockey Club's profits are up even though turnover is down, thanks to the mug punters who ply their hard-earned cash into the monolithic "charity".

Conrad has an alternative suggestion on HK's accountability system.

Richard has received a great piece of publicity in the China Daily (even if it doesn't make sense), in response to his berating of a clearly anti-Western China Daily piece. Typically the article attacks Richard's blog name without actually addressing any of the issues he brought up.

Richard notes the banning of an important report on the state of China's peasants. Adam has a strong response on the banning of the book. He argues that in reality the censors are too slow to be effective in China.

Richard also has a post on a book talking about advertising to kids in China.

Danwei notes the very same Government that is clamping down on China's "spiritual pollution" is also the owner of Xinhua, which publishes stuff like this.

Who knew? Ellen finds a couple of Chinese farmers who get caught with their mouths' full.

Mad Minerva covers Condi Rice's visit to Beijing.

Gut Rumbles has something to say about people in glass houses...


Blinger has started a forum covering the Korean censorship issue. As always Kevin has lots on this: here, here, here where the Government blames it on Blogger and Typepad, here on the legal basis and worrying extent Korea can censor the net, and here on more of the various efforts to fight the ban. Joel has thoughts on the name issue and the general apathy over the censorship issue. Unfortunately the Korean bloggers are fast discovering what has been a fact of life for Chinese bloggers. The hope is the South Korean Government may be more responsive to pressure and lobbying than the CCP.

Oranckay notes a newspaper article about foreigners blogging in Korea. Marmot notes a rare form of positive discrimination for foreigners in Korea. It's just the venue isn't the best.

FY comments on the visit to Seoul of Condoleezza Rice and thinks South Korea is moving towards a more equal relationship with the US.

Marmot talks about the re-union of a North Korean family and why he couldn't care less.

SE Asia

The Sassy Lawyer's Philippines according to Blogs site is going strong.

Cranial Cavity follows the ongoing debacle with the Philippine Government handling of the Iraq hostage.

The Swanker has more analysis on the aftermath of the first round of Indonesia's Presidential election.

Jodi is covering the Global AIDS conference in Bangkok.


Paul finds a motto to live by...and with that, I'm hungry. Pizza, anyone?

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