July 01, 2004

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It's has been a busy few days in Asia's blogosphere:

Hong Kong has its big democracy march today. HK reporter has some thoughts on HK and democracy and Richard has excerpts from a WaPo editorial on the protest. He also notes, as expected, that China is trying to prevent news of the march leaking over the border to the Mainland. DTL has an excellent piece too, as does ESWN. ESWN also has two articles from Newsweek and Time on HK's demonstrations and what they mean. ACB also has a comprehensive look at the issues.

The Korean censorship debacle continues. Joel has now posted an online petition that I strongly encourage you to sign. Kevin set up the Folks Undermining Censorship in Korea and finally got an Instalanche and some recognition of the problem. Some others helping are listed here. Kimcheegi questions whether only 39 sites are blocked.

In other Korea news Flying Yangban posts about the 6 party North Korea nuclear talks. Kimcheegi points to this more serious look inside North Korea.

Conrad reports that the new Singapore to New York non-stop flights are fully-equipped. As an alternative Tom offers some travel tips for visiting North Korea. I Got Up has some amusing photos from the Big Lychee. Hemlock is ready for the march, especially with his Taser gun "so I can leap to the defence of any voluptuous pro-democracy protester I see being molested by maloderous, gap-toothed, demented ‘patriots’."

Giles is back and has perhaps the most disgusting story ever told. Adam has a notice from his elevator that is a mix of comedy and Communist speak at the same time.

Fons sees the first signs of the end of Shanghai's real estate bubble. He also reports on the EU's denial of market economy status for China. After my report on Hong Kong's gender problem, Stephen reports on the opposite imbalance on the Mainland (as some already lament). Danwei says some are working to get Mike Moore's film released in China.

Mongolia had elections this week, but with the news in Iraq and Canada many missed what could be a massive change. Marmot reports on the potential toppling of a Communist regime via the ballot box.

The Argus has a Central Asia round-up. The Asia Pages talks about a common problem in Central Asia: drugs.

ESWN has a post on Hong Kong's drug of choice: gambling.

ALN has a story from Singapore of another maid employer being punished for abuse. It seems the tide is starting to turn in favour of these exploited women.

The Swanker talks about an upcoming Indonesian Presidential debate.

After another typhoon hits the Philippines, the Sassy Lawyer wonders why some parents let their kids play in flood waters?

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What if they held an election and everybody came?
Excerpt: Mongolia recently held elections and the resident Communist Party suffered huge losses, to the point that they may be out of power. But the truly remarkable part is that their election had an 80% voter turnout! Thanks to The Marmot...
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Simon -

Thanks for the plug and thanks for signing the petition.

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