July 01, 2004

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It's Good to be a Man (Hong Kong version)

Hong Kong tourism needs to change their slogan to "Hong Kong, City of Women". The SCMP reports:

The proportion of men to 1,000 women is projected to fall dramatically, from 939 last year to 698 in 2033. Two years ago, the prediction was 771 males to 1,000 females in 2031.

Frederick Ho Wing-huen, commissioner for census and statistics, offered three explanations for the drop in the ratio of men to women.

"One, many domestic helpers are coming to Hong Kong. Two, and this is the major reason, more mainland wives are joining their husbands in Hong Kong. Three, women live longer than men," Dr Ho said.

With a ratio like this I expect the next 30 years will see a large rise in single male tourists to Hong Kong. Of course it was good the Government put numbers on this but any visit to a Wanchai bar could already tell you the way this ratio was going.

posted by Simon on 07.01.04 at 09:11 AM in the Hong Kong category.


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Especially given the skewed ratio towards men on mainland China.

posted by: Fabian on 07.01.04 at 11:25 AM [permalink]

Damn. And here I sit happily married. Damn, damn, damn.

posted by: Jim on 07.01.04 at 10:49 PM [permalink]

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