June 25, 2004

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Setting modesty aside, this week's biggest blogosphere news was my own: the establishment of the New Blog Showcase blog. The entries are already rolling in and the support has been great. In particular Dean, Harvey, Madfish, Kevin, Misha, Dagoddess, Ilyka, Klaude, Wind Rider, Tim, Sgt Hook, Jim and everyone else who has linked and added it to their Blogroll. An especially big thank you to NZ Bear. Please make the Showcase a regular visit on your travels around the Blogosphere: there's some great posts there already. And don't forget to keep spreading the word...encourage your favourite bloggers to link and blogroll the Showcase too.

As an example, Athena posted this Open Letter at the Showcase. Next thing you know she's on Dean Esmay's blogroll! It's that powerful.

Now on with the rest of the show...

Blackfive picks up some great interior decorating ideas.

Via Harvey comes Frank J's detailed schematics on a new weapon. Iowahawk has also found a highly-classified piece of equipment: the Andrew Sullivan decoder.

The world is anxiously awaiting the winner of Kate's latest caption contest (sure I've got a couple of hilarious entries in it but there's some other good ones too).

Last Sunday was Father's Day. Michele has quotes from the world's best father and Paul brings us his day in detail.

Michele also has a new drink.

Peaktalk makes a welcome return to blogging. He has an interesting post about Hong Kong, written during SARS in April 2003.

Peaktalk's back just in time for the unveiling of the new internet.

Wind Rider helps AP with definitions and Murray finds a popular toy for girls...AND their Mums.

Bill (and others) try their hands at haiku.

Sunday was also the 10 year anniversary of the Nicole and OJ Simpson story. Joseph, a man far closer to this case than most, questions the conventional wisdom. Richard also comments.

Harry has found an urgent need for Iraqi peacekeepers to be sent to a world trouble-spot. More seriously Rae has a fascinating report from someone on the ground in Iraq.

Joe talks about the dilemma of those stuck in the centre of politics at the moment.

Belmont has another great post on the death of the old Left.

Via DaGoddess (although many others have also pointed to it) to the story of Bryan Henderson - giving his school a lesson in free speech and what hegemony really means.

Finally let's end on a good note. Jim bought a house and has learnt some lessons from the experience. And (FOGGY GLASSES WARNING) Helen went to France for the weekend (NSFYI)*.

UPDATE: Conrad gives the definitive fisking of a fawning review of Mike Moore's new movie.

UPDATE 2: Hemlock must go and do this quiz (via LeeAnn)

* Not Safe For Your Imagination

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Who loves ya, baby?

posted by: Da Goddess on 06.25.04 at 03:57 PM [permalink]

I linked the post, but didn't have the intelligence to add it to the blogroll.

I'll get right on it. Don't be shy Simon, sometimes a heavy hand is best.

posted by: Paul on 06.25.04 at 08:27 PM [permalink]

OOOOOOOO! All kinds of gratitude & linky-love! I'm getting goose-pimply :-)

And a big thanks to you to reviving the Showcase. I already found some good blogfodder there.

posted by: Harvey on 06.26.04 at 02:08 PM [permalink]

Thanks a lot Simon, I've probably gotten at least 2,000 hits because of it. (Of course, not directly, but others taking notice of my blog and choosing to feature me.)

posted by: athena on 06.27.04 at 11:17 PM [permalink]

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