June 25, 2004

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Unsubstantiated rumours department

Next week Cathay Pacific start their non-stop flights from HK to NY. A great saving in time and avoiding a stop-over enroute. However from what I can gather most Cathay pilots are doing their best not to volunteer for the route, despite it being one of the highest paid and most senior trips Cathay does. The reason? Radiation. Cathay has apparently said to its staff it will monitor levels and take action if needed.

In other news, Cathay will start offering passengers sunglasses and sunblock on all HK-NY flights.

posted by Simon on 06.25.04 at 01:58 PM in the


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On the plus side:

Asia Miles earned for non stop return trip

is 32,000 miles. I'm pretty happy about that.

posted by: hk on 06.25.04 at 05:07 PM [permalink]

I should explain. They are having a deal if you buy tickets during the month of july and go and come back between a three week period, you get double the asia miles.

and then if you register with a service they offer you get an additional five thousand miles. So it works out be quite substantial.

posted by: hk on 06.25.04 at 05:08 PM [permalink]

I've always wanted my own airline pilot with 3 testicles. Now I know where to find one.

posted by: Helen on 06.25.04 at 07:23 PM [permalink]

Hi Simon, first time here. Great blog. I will have to go over and check out your new one now!

posted by: Just Me on 06.26.04 at 02:36 AM [permalink]

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