June 22, 2004

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New Blog Showcase

I'm happy to announce a new blog. Following the Bear's lead I'm starting a New Blog Showcase blog. All your questions are answered here.

Of course, to get this to work, I need to spread the word and get some new blogs to start posting some gems. And what better way to appeal to the good nature of my readers. So please help spread the word...you may be on the way to discovering the next Glenn.

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The New New Blog Showcase
Excerpt: Simon of Simonworld has launched the Showcase - In the footsteps of TTLB, a blog devoted to showcasing new blogs. The rules are here. The Truth Laid Bear contest gave me a head start into blogging. I won the New
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I think this is a good idea. on my blog you will see that I linked to it. Someone suggests that I'm being dismissive of your idea. And I am indeed not dismissive of it. I simply relay my hope that you might do something more than a list, something that reviews or offers commentary on the blogs in question.

I'm simply offering my opinion. You are free to do with it what you want. No dismissiveness here at all. Onward, then.

posted by: hk on 06.23.04 at 03:11 PM [permalink]

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