June 22, 2004

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Asia by blog

A special Dragon Boat festival edition of news across Asian blogs...

The big story is the kidnapping of a South Korean in Iraq. FY has a good summary of links, including a comprehensive one from RiK with more here, a translation of an appeal at Oranckay by an anti-Iraq troops group for Kim Seon Il's release, and the Marmot has comprehensive coverage too. There has been some fuss comparing Kim Seon Il's video plea with the defiant Italian Fabrizio Quattrocchi. My thoughts and some links are here; Matt with Blackfive also talks about it. Yet again the blogosphere is doing an outstanding job of covering a live event, out-reporting the regular news channels and giving interesting colour and perspective at the same time. As an evolving arm of the media the blogosphere is growing up fast and these Korean bloggers are doing an outstanding job at a difficult time.

While on Korea Marmot notes this time South Korea is interfering in US politics rather than the other way around.

Shanghai Eye has a good post on China's leadership "tensions" and another on China's drug problems.

Conrad gives a quick summary of current Indonesian affairs. Also a new (to me) site by The Swanker on Indonesia, with for example a post looking at how Indonesia is depicted in the Australian media and an Indonesian blog round up. Adri puts the finger on a notorious Indonesian cleric.

DTL follows a couple of Mainland Chinese policemen operating in the Big Lychee. Chris talks about some HK publications going through hard times and has some good pointers for both.

The Laowai Monologues reflects on cheating in exams in China.

The Sassy Lawyer has started the Philippines According to Blogs site and discusses "cheating" in the recent Presidential elections.

Amdist all the criticism of China the interesting Angry Chinese Blogger gives us a look at what they think China has been doing right. On the other hand Stephen notes China's top judge has to remind his fellow judges of that pesky thing called human rights. Stephen should follow Richard's pointer to an article on China's dealings with its Muslim population with some more here.

ALN points to this Chinese translation wiki site with lots of interesting stories by Chinese people.

ESWN notes that chemical weapons are nothing new and links to an article about Chinese people in Cuba.

Kevin gives us an exclusive tour of the inside of a love hotel room.

Mad Minerva encounters two kinds of lunacy in a short space of time.

Marmot is also trying to help out a struggling actor.

Lastly in a victory for good, Sinosplice is accessible again from my workplace. Perhaps this had something to do with it? But I don't expect you to all change hosts everytime my IT department blocks you...

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