June 10, 2004

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It is getting hot and humid in Hong Kong as summer approaches. So when someone comes up with the idea of creating some ice to help the situation, the cops get involved. It is good to see HK reclaiming its place at the heart of Asian finance and commerce.

In other news it turns out being able to speak English has not been important for at least 1/3 of HK's English teachers. They should get other jobs given the Government is building more schools where they are least needed. And HK's papers have been whipped into a frenzy because one member of the pro-democracy camp, trade unionist Lau Chin-shek, suggested moderation to achieve results with Beijing. Nice idea, shame it has no chance of working. The words moderation and Beijing don't really work in the same sentence unless the words "absolutely no" are in there too.

There's plenty more but the real news is this (from the SCMP):

Superstitious players pursuing tomorrow's $60 million Mark Six jackpot may consider travelling southwest and wearing red, orange or pink when they leave home. But such meticulous preparation will probably be no use to those born in the years of the rabbit or rooster...the luckiest hours to place bets were from 9am to 1pm, but not 7pm to 9pm.
They've even included a helpful graphic (in the extended entry) of which shop has sold the most winning tickets and how long it has been since each number has been drawn. Without wanting to go into a long lecture on probability, I can save everyone the trouble. I purchased my tickets last night and they are resting comfortably in my pocket and obviously they contain the winning numbers. So don't bother getting a ticket unless you want to add to my jackpot. I'll be rethinking the rules of the Charity Readership Drive should I win.

In a truly random lottery draw each event is statistically independent of the previous one. In English that means the past has absolutely no bearing on which numbers will be draw next. But what else can you fill a newspaper with?


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