June 09, 2004

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Looking backwards and fowards

This post is the 1,000th entry in this blog (including its predecessor). At this arbitrary juncture many would take the time to look back at some of those posts, enjoying the highs, lamenting the lows. Not I, though, my loyal readers. I am casting aside the self-congratulary air for something far more diabolical.

Charity readership drive

I am blessed with a wide and interesting readership. Through this little blog from the Big Lychee I have found people from all over the globe (if you are the person at the IAEA reading this, you really should be concentrating on Iran) and I have been lucky enough to have met some of these people in person. It has often been said that one cannot put a value on readers. That's cr@p.

According to (the admittedly imperfect) Sitemeter the current daily average readership of this blog is 203 people*. That's worthy, especially given the high quality of this readership. But it is time to take it to the next level. It is time for a readership drive. And I'm prepared to pay for it.

In 2 weeks I will check Sitemeter again**. For every extra reader above the current 203 I will donate HK$2 (about US25 cents) to a charity***. The charity will be at the discretion (with my agreement) of the person who is able to generate the most additional traffic to this site. While that does limit it to blog owners, if you are a blog reader suggest to other blogs they link to this and send me proof. If that link creates the most traffic you will be the "winner". There is one caveat. In order to prevent bankruptcy in the highly optimistic case that I get several Insta- and other -lanches in the next two weeks, I am imposing a generous but undisclosed upper limit on the total donation. That way I won't go bankrupt. I am not disclosing it because I don't want you to stop once the limit has been reached. Suffice to say when I say generous, it is not in an Uncle Scrooge kind of way.

It is an HR person's favourite situation: win-win. I get more readers, someone's charity gets money. Get going...

UPDATE: Welcome to all those visitors from Sgt. Hook and further afield. Please take the time to look around. And please be aware that for the charity you have to keep visiting...the donation depends on the average number of visitors over the next week or so. Thanks again and spread the word!

* I know Sitemeter underestimates and is not reliable but it's as good as anything else and is publicly available.

** The precise date will be either June 23rd, 24th or 25th but I am deliberately leaving it open so that there can be no manipulation of the numbers.

*** If this backfires and my readership goes down, I am going to bill a charity instead for the difference. It's harsh but fair.

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You are very generous. Sitemeter is inaccurate my friend. Check your munuviana goodies - do you know what I am talking about? The one where you have to log in on the other page (yes the blond hair colouring is affecting my brain) and check your stats there. I'd say that sitemeter is about 1/3 off. Know what I mean? Is ubul here yet?

posted by: ALEX on 06.09.04 at 05:53 PM [permalink]

I do know about the Munu version but I figured I need a publicly available one so everyone can keep track of how things are going.

posted by: Simon on 06.09.04 at 06:22 PM [permalink]

I can't even get to my Munu goodies.

I hate sitemeter, I am sure mine is lying.

And babe-the "Save the Baywatch Babes" is not a charity. Neither is the "Aussie Beer Fund". Just FYI.

But I will help out on the drive, anyway :)

posted by: Helen on 06.09.04 at 08:24 PM [permalink]

Congrats on reaching 1,000 posts. So much crap and so much time wasted reading it all!


posted by: Paul on 06.09.04 at 10:55 PM [permalink]

Bamn! I posted.

posted by: pylorns on 06.11.04 at 04:33 AM [permalink]

Maybe your readership will increase if blog returned to its roots of telling more about your life in Hong Kong and less about whatever China has done to rile you up?

I know at least one person who would read it a bit more often...

posted by: paul on 06.15.04 at 01:23 PM [permalink]

Sgt. Hook needs your 25 cents.

posted by: Nancy on 06.17.04 at 02:00 PM [permalink]

Donate to Sgt Hook's Shoefly Project!!! Please!

posted by: Visitor on 06.17.04 at 02:13 PM [permalink]

Ring up another 25 cents for Sgt Hook and Operation Shoefly!

posted by: Julie in ABQ on 06.17.04 at 03:31 PM [permalink]

I vote for Shoe Fly

posted by: M Bolduc on 06.17.04 at 08:20 PM [permalink]

Ka CHING!!!!!!!!!!

Have put the word out all over the web of friends I have both at Angels 'N Camouflage and all my Veteran Friends....for the Op Shoe Fly.....

all i can say....is - get the umbrellas out....incoming....should be raining shoes.....

~Kim~USAF Veteran

posted by: Kim on 06.17.04 at 08:22 PM [permalink]

jus me

posted by: Kim C on 06.17.04 at 08:23 PM [permalink]

Just linked from Sgt. Hook. Please donate the money to oeration shoe fly.

posted by: RPL on 06.17.04 at 09:07 PM [permalink]

The sky is raining shoes.......Operation Shoe Fly

posted by: Sweet N Sassy on 06.18.04 at 05:53 AM [permalink]

Is your chosen charity The Human Fund?

posted by: Mud Blood & Beer on 06.18.04 at 09:36 AM [permalink]

another vote for Operation Shoefly! :)

posted by: Moi on 06.18.04 at 10:48 AM [permalink]

shoe fly - please!!!

posted by: palmetto on 06.18.04 at 11:21 AM [permalink]

Another shoefly vote. Its a great cause

posted by: Lynn on 06.18.04 at 12:23 PM [permalink]

I'm new here, just stopped by to say Operation Shoe Fly would be a good choice ;o)

posted by: MisterEd on 06.18.04 at 11:35 PM [permalink]

SGT Hook's Operation Shoe Fly is my vote. Thanks!

posted by: Katherine on 06.19.04 at 02:31 AM [permalink]

Let's hear it for Op: Shoe Fly!

posted by: Ric James on 06.22.04 at 08:18 PM [permalink]

Another vote for Op: Shoe Fly!

posted by: Christian D. on 06.22.04 at 10:29 PM [permalink]

Per Sgt. Hook's orders, I came, I read, I posted...and I bookmarked! *grin*

posted by: Connie Kermoian on 06.22.04 at 10:36 PM [permalink]

What a great way to get more readers and do a little good in this world! Yet another vote for Operation Shoefly Project!!! Please! :)
(What can I say, we all love Sgt. Hook, and you know we will keep coming back!)

posted by: christy on 06.23.04 at 12:28 AM [permalink]

Sgt Hook needs your .25.


posted by: peg on 06.23.04 at 08:55 PM [permalink]

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