May 21, 2004

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Waiting time

Reuters reports on a study of what German motorists do while stuck in traffic:

A third of German motorists fantasize about sex when stuck in traffic while only 10 percent think of finding an alternate route, according to a motor club survey published Thursday. [Route - get it? Route? Root? Maybe it's an Australian term...]

Eight percent think about how much petrol they have, seven percent about their next meal, and seven percent about going to a toilet. Six percent think about their careers.

One in ten caught focus on their families, seven percent on shopping lists and another seven percent worry about the damage the traffic jam might do to their clutch. Only six percent said they don't think about anything in traffic jams.

Amazingly most are able to do this while picking their noses.

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When the drought broke in the NT, one fella decided to have a holiday in Sydney. He was talking to his mates at the pub. One of the asked which route he would take. "Well", said the fella, "I figure I'll take the missus, she stuck with me through the drought."

Guess it is only funny for Australians :-)

posted by: Ozguru on 05.21.04 at 11:03 AM [permalink]


Funny, I never knew I was German...

posted by: Helen on 05.21.04 at 06:18 PM [permalink]

Of the third who think about sex, how many are women? My guess would be few. They're busy farding.

posted by: Interested-Participant on 05.23.04 at 06:53 AM [permalink]

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