May 20, 2004

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Even Glenn Reynolds is taking more notice of Asia. Lots of interesting links from around Asia in the last few days, including two Instalanches...

The first Instalanche is for Marmot's interesting satellite picture of North Korea. "Where's the fire?" Oranckay finds the quietest place in North Korea. This week also marked the anniversary of the May 1980 riots. Marmot remembers. Flying Yangban notes important comments by Paul Wolfowitz on America's troops in Korea and says it is no surprise some troops are moving out..

Conrad talks about voter intimidation in Hong Kong. This week also saw debate on the Harbour Fest inquiry in Hong Kong by Conrad, Chris, Phil, and Giles has a contrary view.

ALN reports that China is adopting America's favourite sport, Wal-Mart bashing, as its own.

Adam sees through John Kerry's China "policy".

Fons talks about those looking to work as journalists in China.

China Letter reports on the world's biggest safari park being built in China and more on Chinese prison reform

Danwei is almost back. Prince Roy has landed in India with a crash.

Durian has a post on China and satire and Andrea talks about China's mixed messages on Taiwan. She was also the proud recipient of the second Instalanche.

Richard talks about another "quiet" trial of a Chinese cyber-dissident.

Lastly Nicholas takes us behind the front lines in Sinapore.

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Thanks for these regular updates. They're very useful.

posted by: Michael Darragh on 05.20.04 at 07:46 PM [permalink]

Simon, you're doing a great job on this.

posted by: Michael on 05.20.04 at 11:43 PM [permalink]


posted by: Simon on 05.21.04 at 09:11 AM [permalink]

great joy being here...

posted by: Sina Melissa on 09.06.04 at 05:19 PM [permalink]

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