January 30, 2004

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Chinese tennis

Mrs M and I watched last night's tennis semi final on Cable TV. Which was interesting, because the commentary was in Cantonese. And non-stop. And thus very annoying. Not because it was in Cantonese. But I want to watch the tennis. I don't want to hear two guys who from the sounds of things (using my extremely limited Cantonese) knew very little of what was going on while I'm trying to watch. If they feel they must speak, they could at least wait until the end of the point. Don't unwrap your lollies in the middle of point. Don't keep talking once a player serves.

A golden rule in sports coverage is not to miss anything. However last night the advertisements were constantly running long, so we'd come into the next game with a point or two already played. That's a crime. And the advertisements themselves were completely cr@p. It looked like someone with a bit of time on a computer knocked together a few graphics; alternatively they took a badly mad foreign ad and dubbed it badly into Cantonese.

Not happy.

posted by Simon on 01.30.04 at 10:31 AM in the


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You do know that you can change between languages on Cable TV don't you? Not having a remote in front of me I can't remember exacty but i think there is an "audio" button on the remote that allows to pick different soundtracks.

Though lord knows why you would want to watch a game of tennis on TV anyway? It's people watching it that encourages others to make the mistake of believing it is a sport, instead of a way of passing the afternoon until it is late enough to tuck into the gin and tonics without raising eyebrows.

posted by: giles on 01.30.04 at 11:01 AM [permalink]

heh heh - please tell me i am not the only one that took a couple of months to work that one out - Simon is Giles' news a revelation to you?

posted by: aaron on 01.30.04 at 11:23 AM [permalink]


posted by: Simon on 01.30.04 at 11:26 AM [permalink]

And you actually get paid to turn up to work, and people seriously listen to the advice you give?

no wonder your company overcharges and gets into so many scandals....

posted by: paul on 01.30.04 at 11:55 AM [permalink]

mmmm... looks like we are going to have to include that question in the entry iq test

posted by: cf on 01.30.04 at 12:21 PM [permalink]

Does the button change the language on the ads too? I think not.

At least this has shown the value of this blog - now I can watch the tennis in English and complain about that instead.

posted by: Simon on 01.30.04 at 01:14 PM [permalink]

so now are you going to give up those cantonese lessons?
instead of just cancelling them on a weekly basis

posted by: cf on 01.30.04 at 02:26 PM [permalink]

Watching football (soccer) in Japan can be equally frustrating. Especially if a certain David Beckham is playing (or he's anywhere in the stadium), as the commentators chat endlessly about him, and the camera never seems to move off him.

posted by: Lee on 01.30.04 at 02:54 PM [permalink]

Me too, but it took about 8 months. My mates didn't tell me! They thought it was hilarious when I eventually found out.

posted by: shaky on 01.30.04 at 04:17 PM [permalink]

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