January 30, 2004

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Modern medicine

It's a miracle: a bowl of chicken soup has almost completely cured me of my ails. Is there nothing this soup can't do? As a public service I am going to bring you the recipie of this marvel of medical technology, brought to you by hundreds of years of Jewish motherhood.

Tradition Chicken Soup

Start with one sick patient. Put on pathetic sounding, quivering "sickness" voice. A few coughs in the middle don't hurt. Call wife. Explain how close to death you are. Beg for some chicken soup. Go home from work saying you've not eaten all day and aren't sure if you can stomach food. Eat soup. Proclaim miraculous cure. Tell wife that it is well known that sex also helps as a cure. Tell wife to stop laughing, it's true, you read it on the internet. Tell wife to stop laughing, it's not that funny. Get full night's sleep. Write about it on blog next day.

There you have it - the cure for just about any disease you care to name. Thousands of years of Jewish medicine can't be wrong.

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chicken soup, good for bird flu too...

posted by: cl on 01.30.04 at 12:51 PM [permalink]

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