January 29, 2004

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One of the greatest things Israel (the states) says to its citizens is should you find yourself imprisoned by the enemy, the country will not rest until it gets you back. Even if it is under a lobsided deal with terrorists.

in exchange for four Israelis or their bodies, Hezbollah gained more than 430 live prisoners, in addition to the 59 bodies.
Lest you think Hezbollah have reformed since Israel left South Lebanon, there's this little incident:
For several months Hezbollah has also been planting bombs near the border, one of which Israel reported to United Nations observers in Lebanon on Jan. 4. Last Tuesday, an Israeli bulldozer clearing the bomb entered Lebanese territory, by what Hezbollah said was more than 20 yards. Hezbollah guerrillas fired on it, killing one Israeli soldier.

Calling the attack a deliberate provocation, United States officials said the bulldozer had been forced by terrain to stray over the border to remove a bomb planted on the Israeli side of the so-called blue line that provisionally divides the two nations.

A United Nations report confirms that the bomb Israel reported on Jan. 4 was on Israeli territory. Hezbollah claims that the bomb was on Lebanese territory.

Delightful people, aren't they? Israel trades over 400 prisoners and 59 bodies for 3 of its own dead and 1 prisoner. I imagine very few countries would undergo such a trade, but that is the price Israel is prepared to pay, even if it means dealing with scum. A final quote for you on the aftermath of that incident:
Hezbollah did not step up the conflict in part, experts speculate, because it could not count on Syria's support, but partly too in its own interests. Many in Lebanon, even Hezbollah supporters, show little appetite for the group to operate beyond the country's borders. That would seem to include marching to free Jerusalem from the Jews, an often-stated goal of Hezbollah.
My apologies for insulting scum by comparing them to these people.


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And, ironically enough, the one living Israeli was a guy who says he was in search of Ron Arad, another Israeli missing in Lebanon.

I find it telling that once Hizbollah achieved its stated goal -- getting the IDF out of southern Lebanon -- it simply found other reasons to kill Israelis.

posted by: Joe Grossberg on 01.30.04 at 01:49 AM [permalink]

Did you see what AllahPundit had to say about this? Have a look: http://www.allahpundit.com/archives/000239.html The graphic is great.

posted by: Nicholas Liu on 01.30.04 at 02:53 AM [permalink]

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