January 29, 2004

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Men's bathrooms tend to be disgusting places. How it can that after 30 years or more of practice some men still can't aim properly is beyond me.

So I hold my breath and approach cubicle number 3. Upon entering I notice an empty soft drink can on the ground. WtF? Does someone say "OK I'm going in and may be some time, so I'd better take some liquid refreshement with me." Why not bring a packed lunch along with the newspaper and a mobile phone. Which is another thing. Are people that important they need their mobiles in the friggin' bathroom? Can't they give themselves 4 seconds off to enjoy the quiet of the bathroom? Apparently not. If so though then please, please, please do not carry on a conversation on the phone. A quick "I'll call you right back" works wonders. Would you like to be talking someone while they're in the bathroom? The telltale echo-ing, the occasional background flush, the sort-of funny flatuence noises. You can't get away with telling someone it's a bad line. Just finish up and get out of there and leave the rest of in peace.

This rant proudly brought to you by my throbbing headache and general fever.

And on reading the entry over I can't wait to see what Google sends this way.

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I have heard cellphones in use in such places. Strange it may be, but it is true.

posted by: Chris on 01.29.04 at 10:49 PM [permalink]

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