January 28, 2004

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Today's word of the day is "invacuation". So far I can see three meanings:
1. the opposite of evacuation - it's when you go into the building in an orderly fashion, using only the stairs.
2. where you evacuate within the building, to say a different floor.
3. a medical procedure I'd rather not go into here.

You know the drill - feel free to add your own definitions. One day I'll post a mixctionary for these words.

posted by Simon on 01.28.04 at 04:48 PM in the


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A fondness of vacuum cleaners

posted by: Paul on 01.28.04 at 11:03 PM [permalink]

The act of filling a niche. ("Since there were no predetors on the island, and since nature abhors a vacuum, the eventual invacuation of the ecosystem by ravenous Red-tailed Blood-lizzards was to be expected.")

posted by: Tuning Spork on 01.29.04 at 04:03 AM [permalink]

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