January 28, 2004

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HK's latest gadget

From the SCMP:

Hutchison Telecom yesterday launched its third-generation (3G) mobile phone service, claiming a solid start after signing up more than 1,000 customers in the previous three days. The Li Ka-shing-controlled firm became the first operator in Hong Kong to offer the service - which allows users to download videos and make video phone calls - after a year of delays.
I've written before of the perils of 3G and in mobile mad Hong Kong, signing a thousand people for the start up is not much chop. Especially when it only really benefits people if others also have such phones so they can video call.

I'm sure one day it will be the next great toy, but this is one time where the technology seems to have been launched prematurely. The earlier post explains why.

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When I was still with Company X, this was all I worked with, basically-although right now you can really only do the same things in 3G that you can with 2G, in a short while 3G gets very cool.

The way I see it, you have two choices-1) as a financier, you should be keen to promote 3G as many operators may fail if it does not launch, and if they fail they take what is left of the telecom economy with them (due to the ridiculous amounts of money paid for licenses and for the new infrastructure).

2) as another noble warrior in the battle against Company X, you can boycott it and let them squirm.

I wonder if you can guess which route I am choosing? :)

posted by: Helen on 01.28.04 at 04:50 PM [permalink]

Die, Company X, die.

posted by: Simon on 01.28.04 at 06:29 PM [permalink]

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