January 27, 2004

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Sometimes I wonder if I post too much to this blog (this is not open for comment). The reality is each post takes a few minutes to compose, although that may be after a prolonged bout of creative inspiration or much research. And then I look at the big daddy of all blogs, InstaPundit.

Let's take yesterday as a random example. He started posting at 7:45am. He finished at 10:01pm. He posted at 7:59am, 8:00am, 8:05am, 8:13am, 8:17am, 8:30am, 9:05am, 9:19am, 10:06am, 12:39pm, 12:44pm, 12:52pm, 2:04pm, 2:07pm, 2:16pm, 3:34pm, 4:27pm, a big gap to 8:24pm, 8:58pm and finally 10:01pm.

That's more than 20 posts in a day. That's more than most humans manage in a week or even month. Sure some are one-liners, but others are reasonably detailed postson various political and legal topics of the day. However just like in the advertisements, wait, there's more. Over at GlennReynolds.Com there's a post at 10:04am on the same day on blogs covering the US Primaries. Plus his regular Tech Central Station column, published weekly. In the meantime he's also writing scholarly review articles, taking classes, writing books, running a record company, producing, writing and performing music and reading numerous other blogs, newspapers, TV stations and the like to find material to blog on and remain mildly interesting. Oh, and has a family.

Either he has a studio a la the Old Masters, with minions doing work on his behalf, or he has mastered the art of being in three places at once. Does his boss know about his blogging and other extracirrcular activities? Do his students? His family? Probably, but you can't stop the juggernaut that is Instapundit, even if most of the articles are of interest only to those closely involved in US politics or law.

All I know is I'll never feel guilty about my volume of posts compared to that.

posted by Simon on 01.27.04 at 02:37 PM in the


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From what I gather, he's a tenured tenured professor.

That leaves a lot of time to do, um, research and, um, publishing.

posted by: Joe Grossberg on 01.28.04 at 01:18 AM [permalink]

oops ... one "tenured", not two

posted by: Joe Grossberg on 01.28.04 at 01:24 AM [permalink]

Instapundit's excessive posting is a major reason for the low quality of his information. He rarely takes the time to verify the accuracy of his content: witness his complete bungling of the Muzimei controversy awhile back, in which he asserted that the Chinese government shut down her blog (he misread/misrepresented a NYT article).

Sloppy, sloppy sloppy...

posted by: Prince Roy at-large on 01.28.04 at 02:54 AM [permalink]

Maybe he's so tenured he's got it twice over?

posted by: Simon on 01.28.04 at 09:07 AM [permalink]

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