January 27, 2004

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Prime property

From time to time this blog likes to cast it's gaze upon the Sydney real estate scene. Always important to keep up with the inflating bubble. And courtesy of Paul I've found the perfect place for JC.

Read the ad and see the picture in the extended entry.

From the ad:

Plastic Fantastic
$160 p.w.
Young, Outgoing, Plastic Doll looking to share with with an aspiring Ken or Barbie.

Perfect location for those looking to complete their transformation into a full Sydney 'Barbie' This newly renovated apartment is located in the heart of the bimbo district.

Close to all the major attractions (including yourself).

Comes fully furnished in plastic and includes off-street parking for you or your man doll's Ferrari.

All applicants will be required to send 8x10 airbrushed photo, with finalists going into the swimsuit contest where a winner will be chosen.


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