January 14, 2004

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This is wrong

Doing this to a child is wrong:

The 87-year-old father of crooner Julio Iglesias and granddad of his singer son Enrique is to provide one with a new brother and the other with an uncle after revealing his 40-year-old wife is pregnant.
Effectively this child will grow up without a father. Not because he's run away, or divorce or any one of a hundred factors. Only because he's 87 and is unlikely to live much longer. It is a selfish and a desperate last gasp at longevity.

Having a kid is not the way to enjoy your twilight years. The poor wife/mother will end up changing two sets of nappies each night.

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Perhaps the 40-year old wife is facing her last chance to have a baby and she is the one who wanted it.

posted by: Jeff on 01.15.04 at 08:05 PM [permalink]

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