January 14, 2004

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Sweeping generalisations

Most aeroplane pilots seem to end up retiring early as wealthy men. Yes, men. I've not yet heard a female pilot or co-pilot in my travels at all. Now I'm sure they're all well paid, even though they only work about 3 days a month (I don't count having a 5 day "lay over" in some exotic foreign city, with hotel and daily allowance, "work"). I want pilots to be well paid. I don't want him sitting at the controls thinking why he deserves a pay rise instead of keeping a heavy piece of tin flying at several hundred kilometres per hour to defy the laws of gravity. However I know how they make themselves even more comfortable.

Pilots are smugglers. "Calloway" golf clubs from Shanghai for example. The shop's biggest customers are pilots who buy 10 bags full of clubs at a time, carry them back to the USA, or Australia, or wherever and sell them close to full price. I'm sure the same happens with all sorts of goods. International arbitrage in action.

The moral: never buy golf clubs from a pilot.

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we had a female pilot on b.a. on our way back to h.k. after christmas - captain beverly someone. didn't bother me but interestingly my wife was not at all happy. kept muttering about women drivers, hormones, stress, what happens if she breaks a nail, etc etc... i did notice though that it took several attempts to park the plane - lots of backing up and starting again, eventually the (male) co-pilot had to get out and direct her in - you know the sort of thing - keep going, keep going, stop, now turn the wheel the other way and put it in reverse... sounded just like car park at pacific place.

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