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January 06, 2004

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Mrs M absolutely hates it when I tease her with the line "I've got big news but I'll tell you later." Personally I am just as liable to forget there's big news in the offing if someone says that to me. But such a sentence will tend to send her into a bout of profound and constant questioning until I crack and tell her. I'm going to see how many of you are the same.

I've got big news but I'll tell you later.

posted by Simon on 01.06.04 at 04:35 PM in the


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The Big News
Excerpt: The overwhelming patience you've all shown has paid off. I am proud to announce that Mrs M is prgenant, yet again. It is still early days and she's suffering terrible morning sickness but so far our attempt to over-populate the...
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As a woman, I can tell you that that sentence winds me up, too. As does "I've bought you something, but it's a surprise."

Any judge in the world will let a woman off for killing her spouse if the guy says stuff like that!

posted by: Helen on 01.06.04 at 05:57 PM [permalink]

OK so what is the tentative date for the interview about you and your blog?

And which publication?

Cheers :-)

posted by: Ron on 01.06.04 at 06:24 PM [permalink]

Let me guess. Based on the strength of that brilliant Best Man speech a publisher is offering you a huge advance on a Toastmaster book series titled "Simon Says Laugh... please.".


posted by: Paul USA on 01.07.04 at 12:42 AM [permalink]

The cynical half in me asks what news could you know that would be both big, not known to 1/2 the world already and something I would be interested in knowing.

The other half wants to throttle you. TELL US ALREADY!

posted by: kennycan on 01.07.04 at 02:46 PM [permalink]

Soon enough, my friends. I'm saving it for a slow blog day.

posted by: Simon on 01.07.04 at 02:58 PM [permalink]

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