January 06, 2004

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Does anyone know how to make this stop? Please?


posted by Simon on 01.06.04 at 02:08 PM in the


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I assume you're complaining that you're paid in Hong Kong Dollars but these are not worth as many Aussie dollars as before. Same moan as Shaky had about the British Pound.

I happen to have Pound Sterling in the bank and all liabilities are in HKD so I'm not complaining!

posted by: Chris on 01.06.04 at 03:03 PM [permalink]

Get Greenspan to look up the word "intervention" !!

Or, get your mate Soros to start buying USD for AUD.

I think anyway, I'm a swaps guy, not FX.

posted by: shaky on 01.07.04 at 01:37 AM [permalink]

If it hits 80 cents I'd expect the Aussie reserve bank to intervene. Not that I know anything about the matter.

posted by: Pixy Misa on 01.07.04 at 02:19 PM [permalink]

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