January 06, 2004

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The real news

As expected SARS is back. The HK Government's fiscal position isn't so good. There was an arson attack on the trains yesterday. But people are missing the big stories still.

From the unlinkable SCMP:

Frustrated hunter John Lever yesterday congratulated the Yuen Long crocodile after it was named Hong Kong's Personality of the Year - and he offered to fly back to try to hang a winner's garland around its neck.

When the poll closed, the crocodile had 36 per cent of the votes, 11 per cent more than Hong Kong's hospital workers, who won second place with 25 per cent of the votes for their heroics during the Sars outbreak.

The highest placed individual human was harbour campaigner Winston Chu Ka-sun, who came third with 13 per cent, followed by former secretary for security Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee with 9 per cent.

Any poll that places Regina Ip at 9% in the popularity stakes automatically risks its credibility, but regardless, that darn croc is the best thing to happen to HK in a long time. Now the Christmas tree is coming down from Statue Square it's time to place a statue of that croc for all to see and admire. At least John Lever would have a chance of catching it.

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