January 05, 2004

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Questions on flight

Do the people who run airlines actually have kids?

Flying back from Sydney to Hong Kong yesterday was an overall bearable experience. The flight staff (or whatever you call air hosts/hostesses these days) were great; very understanding in answering the call button for the twentieth time, a favourite game of JC's. Or putting up with PB running through the galley as they prepared lunch. They even came and chatted with the kids at different stages. So on the service score they cannot be faulted.

What can be faulted are two things. Children under 2 years old do not get their own seat. Fair enough, although anyone having a 16 month old on their laps for the 30 minutes of landing or takeoff can attest that it's a questionable decision. What is provided instead is a bassinet. That's good for a baby of 6 months old. It is not good for an infant of 16 months. We made a makeshift bed on the ground in front of our seats, cushioning it with blankets, and proceeded to pray we didn't hit turbulence. Because as soon as those seat belt signs go on they want you to wake your sleeping child and strap them into the seat belt. Again fair enough from a safety point of view but really it leaves much to be desired from a parent point of view. The "infant" meal was a couple of bottles of baby food. The "child" meal was also pretty poor. It consisted of a few pieces of smoked chicken with diced potato and vegies. Thankfully JC and PB are good eaters and not too fussy. But why an "infant" meal (remember, that's any kid under 2) consists of a bottle of Heinz baby food and mushed up jelly is beyond me. Likewise why the "children" meal (kids below 12) is effectively cold chicken salad also makes me wonder.

Does these people have kids? Or do they bring their own food with them? Have they ever tried stuffing a 16 month old into a bassinet made for a 6 month old? Have they ever tried feeding these meals to their kids? Have their kids ever eaten these meals?

Do these people ever fly with their kids?

posted by Simon on 01.05.04 at 04:07 PM in the


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Well that explains why on a UK-Aus flight I saw a family boarding with enough food (I thought) to last a month. My kids were older and I forced them to eat what they were given. I bet having seen others fly with their kids "these people" wouldn't attempt it in a million years!

posted by: nisi on 01.05.04 at 06:47 PM [permalink]

What airline were you flying?

posted by: Phil on 01.06.04 at 12:02 AM [permalink]


posted by: Simon on 01.06.04 at 08:16 AM [permalink]

China Southern are great with kids. They relax some of the silly rules enforced by Qantas ( infants not allowed to lie on floor ...) and don't get toey when kids are a nuisance. Had a crowd of four cabin crew cooing over our two (blonde) kids, they couldn't do enough.

posted by: Mike on 01.06.04 at 08:40 AM [permalink]

sorry to learn about your bad experience. Ah, Arlines. Thanks for sharing.

posted by: Princesska on 01.06.04 at 04:13 PM [permalink]

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