January 05, 2004

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Public transport

Anyone who's caught a train or bus in peak hour in HK will not be surprised by this from the unlinkable SCMP:

Two out of three women say they have been indecently assaulted on public transport, with most of the incidents occurring on the MTR and buses, according to a survey by a women's group. Lam Ying-hing, organiser of Gutsy Women, which interviewed 406 women in September, said 271 respondents (66 per cent) revealed they had been subject to unwelcome advances from male passengers such as groping and rubbing up against their bodies.

Ms Lam said fellow passengers seemed nonchalant about the assaults. Fewer than 10 of the victims had been assisted by passengers after being assaulted. "About 28 per cent of victims said passengers pretended nothing had happened. Another 34 per cent of victims said witnesses would only stare at them," she said.

The survey also found that only 194 of the victims had expressed their disapproval to the assaulters. "Nearly half of them would only stare at the assaulters with hostility. Another 30 per cent would walk away or leave the vehicle," she said.

What was previously thought to be a purely Japanese phenomenon turns out to be happening here in HK too.

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