January 04, 2004

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H.G. Wells

I've discovered the secret of time travel. Flying for 9 hours with a 3 year old and a 16 month old. 8 hours went by quickly. 1 hour didn't and lasted as long as the other 8 put together. Still we made it in one piece and as one family. And the flight went a lot better than I expected. There's always one disapproving stare and the stupid b!tch who gave us the evil eye the whole flight has never had human kids to deal with. PB and JC both were mostly great and they crashed only a little earlier than normal. JC went without a nap too, making a total of 16 hours from waking to sleeping, and she only really lost it right at the end. Not bad for a trip from Sydney to Hong Kong.

Regular transmission soon to resume - just gotta get through the overstuffed inbox awaiting at work.

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Congratulations on making it home relatively sane and well. I have 2 young boys (3 and 1 3/4) so I know where your coming from.

We've yet to try plane flight with them though. The confined space on planes probably brings out the worst in people as well.

It is amazing some peoples' attitudes towards kids. Perhaps its best that sort don't have them as well.

posted by: Andrew on 01.05.04 at 12:49 PM [permalink]

If they didn't throw up on anyone, you came out ahead :)

posted by: Pixy Misa on 01.05.04 at 09:51 PM [permalink]

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