October 29, 2003

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Slice of HK Life (2)

Mrs M just rang. She's at the Bird Market with her folks. HK has lots of markets. Each street in Mongkok is dedicated to markets such as Jade, Fashion, Sports, Electronics etc. She's found a bird cage. She's been told it's antique. 80 years old no less. That's a lot of dead birds. Only costs HK$2,000. That's the bottom dollar - I even got a Cantonese speaker to talk to the shopkeeper on the phone.

The problem in HK is you can never be too sure if something is antique or "antique". Still we're the proud owner of a bird cage, sans birds. We've got enough animals already.

[WARNING: Bad pun coming]

I suspect she may be nesting.

[Boom tish]

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Excerpt: Came home last night to find we were the proud owners of an antique birdcage, although no antique birds in there. They apparently schlepped it all around the markets in Mongkok and on the train and received curious stares on...
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