October 30, 2003

Family news

Came home last night to find we were the proud owners of an antique birdcage, although no antique birds in there. They apparently schlepped it all around the markets in Mongkok and on the train and received curious stares on the train. They were nothing compared to the curious stares they got when I got home. It actually is pretty good and could well be antique. I don't know if I'm ready for a bird to put it in though. We've already got a dog and fish, plus the kids. We even apparently had a little bat fly into our laundry yesterday. I'm not sure how many other living creatures my salary can cope with.

Mrs M and her folks also returned with another "genuine" Patek watch for me so I was happy. They are off to Shezhen today to do even more shopping. I think they will need an extra suitcase for all the goodies they keep picking up. I left Mrs M an order for a couple of DVDs: Lost in Translation, and Big Boooobiieeees Women 3. Hoping she'll at least get BBW3.

PB is much better after being sick for the last few days. We can tell she's recovering because she's back to eating her usual boatload of food each meal. She's always smiling and laughing and the first thing she does each morning is put her toy necklace on. I do fear these will be high maintenance girls. And I'm the mechanic.

Finally Halloween is near. There are two ways I can tell. The door to our apartment block at Disneyland is decorated with orange and black. Secondly there is an announcement on the notice board asking helpers to stand at the doorways from 6:30pm on Friday night to make it easier for the children who are running around trying to collect their body weight in lollies.

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