November 02, 2004

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Almost Over

Only one day to go until the US Presidential election is over...or maybe not. Either a result will be known by 9pm Eastern (9am Hong Kong time) or the result will be decided in that most American of ways: in the courtroom.

A quick look at what various people in the region are saying about the election:

  • Former Chinese Foreign Minister and Vice Premier Qian Qichen slammed Bush and US strategy, calling America suffering from "its own cocksureness and arrogance". However there are some questions whether this piece was really by Qian.
  • The Tapei Times has a look at where each of the candidates sits on Asian issues, as does the Jakarta Post. The only issue to get real play in the campaign has been North Korea, where Kerry believes in opening bilateral talks concurrently with the 6 party talks. Kerry believes in being more "flexible" (i.e. appeasement) in concessions to the Norks, whereas Bush maintains solid in demanding the North show signs of good faith first. Surprisingly China hasn't been much of an issue. Bush has been subtly talking about the growing challenge of a rising power, whereas Kerry has framed the talk in terms of outsourcing, the trade deficit and the yuan. On Taiwan, despite what the article says, both candidates basically agree. Japan and South Korea are non-issues and while Bush has good relations with Koizumi, a Kerry White House wuold probably maintain the same stances as the current administration. The big issue for both of these countries is the redeployment of the large number of US troops in each country. Kerry is opposed to the withdrawal of forces from South Korea. Neither candidate has any apparent strategy or stance on South East Asian issues such as piracy, terror in the Philippines and Thailand, and Burma to name a few.
  • The Standard doesn't expect any changes in policy towards Hong Kong and China regardless of who is elected.
  • In terms of regional leaders Koizumi, Arroyo and Howard likely favour Bush; Roh of South Korea and SBY in Indonesia are likely to favour Kerry.
  • The South China Morning post manages to cram two cliches into one headline: "It's neck and neck down to the wire".

Now a look at what various bloggers in the region are saying:

I'll add more throughout the day. Leave a comment or link back to here if you've got a post on the topic.

Personally, I think Kerry will win and the result will be known quickly. That way I get my money from the two rabid Republicans here at work.

Finally, there are plenty of places you can follow the election. The Command Post will be covering the whole thing with reports from bloggers in every state and constant updating. Check and compare it against those of mainstream media and see how and if bloggers can do it better. I suspect with Michele driving it the coverage will be a welcome improvement. Joe has a massive summary of the mainstream media's coverage of the election and other important issues. You can also follow this election night cheat sheet (via Raw Prawn).

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